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Recently, I received a meandering, three page, fund-raising letter from my “senior” (and hopefully “lame duck”) US Senator, John Forbes Kerry. I found this to be comical on many levels, not the least of which is that my career and personal focus is to remove as many politicians of his ilk as possible from elective office. Clearly, the Senator from Massachusetts does not read my blog or follow me on Twitter!

On a more serious note, I found the text of Kerry’s letter to be quite revealing. It is a blueprint for the 2010 liberal game plan! The first paragraph sets the tone:

“I have been a senator for 25 years and I’ve never seen anything like this. As President Obama works to dig us out of a deep hole and build our country back up, the Republicans in Washington at the highest levels have adopted an entirely different goal: Force his failure. It disgusts me every time I see it.”

Analysis: Demonize dissent. Imply Republican racism and personal animosity toward Obama. Remind people about the famous “inherited mess”. Label Republicans as “obstructionist” and “The Party of No”. Feign indignation.

Forget that this Administration’s policies are clearly digging a deeper hole. Forget that conservatives want America’s citizens and businesses to climb out of that hole without the added burdens of unsustainable debt, stifling over-regulation, massive tax increases and an endless stream of unfunded entitlements. Forget that saying “no” to bad policy is in the interests of the American people (who, incidentally, are also saying “no” to said policy). Forget that alternative solutions offered by Republicans, and even some moderate Democrats, have been totally ignored by the Administration and its puppets in Congress. It is much easier to label and demonize than to explain and defend ill-conceived and potentially disastrous legislation.

Later in Kerry’s comical yet disturbing letter, he revealed the tired and increasingly ineffective strategy of isolating and demonizing Tea Party patriots.

“We must defend our majority against a Tea Partier crowd that wants to make the ideology of the far right fringe the basic operating procedure of the federal government.

Analysis: Use the word “crowd” to imply “dangerous mob”. Label the Tea Party as “extremists” with the word “fringe”. Link a grassroots, bottom-up movement to a top-down GOP strategy.

Forget that Tea Party activists believe in the US Constitution, the “extremist” document which all Senators, including John Kerry, took an oath to defend. Forget that this movement is composed of Democrats, Independents, Libertarians and Republicans. Forget that “the Tea Party crowd” self polices and has no use or tolerance for “fringe” elements. Forget that lawn chairs, microphones, home-made signs and American flags, their “weapons” of choice, are not a threat to anything other than the careers of “out-of-touch” politicians.  Again, ignoring the substance of the opposition’s arguments with a labeling strategy is much easier for the Left than listening and engaging in civil debate. This tactic is at best intellectually lazy and at worst “Alinsky 101”. Fortunately for Senator Kerry and his “crowd”, the main stream media supports this approach. Unfortunately for the far left, the American people overwhelmingly reject it.

The letter rambled on, consistent with Senator Kerry’s droning style, but I will point out one more statement before I close.

“Let’s not forget the outcome of eight long years of Republican administration: an economy in shambles; two wars waged without focus or resources; record high unemployment rates and an America isolated from its allies.”

Analysis: What a surprise–BLAME BUSH!

There is no debate about the condition of our economy when Barack Obama took office, but his solutions are exacerbating our problems. The cure is worse than the disease. Forget that unemployment has increased dramatically under his watch.  Forget that he has created more debt in one year than the combined totals of several of his predecessors. Forget that our troops are still fighting, and shedding blood for our liberty and safety,  in Afghanistan. Forget that the Bush surge improved matters substantially in Iraq. Yes, Republicans deserve their fair share of blame for the “inherited mess”. But no, President Obama and Senator Kerry, this does not justify your tyrannical big government solutions. In terms of foreign policy, Obama has done more to isolate us from our allies than any President in US history. He bows to dictators and shuns our friends. His policies have been both naive and dangerous–and his answer to Bush’s so-called “Cowboy Diplomacy” is one of acquiescence and weakness. But, let’s just forget about all that for now. Republicans are bad. Liberals are good. “Something is better than nothing”, even if that something is insane.


I was amused by John Kerry’s solicitation. (Senator, if you’re reading this, please be “green” and take me off your mailing list.) But I must also thank Senator Kerry for confirming the predictable political strategy of his liberal friends in 2010. I’m sure most conservatives running for office will appreciate this “teachable moment” in November.

Senator Kerry, I am an Independent voter in Massachusetts. I helped Scott Brown become the 41st vote in the US Senate. You and your liberal friends are not listening to me and the majority of your constituents. Your attacks on dissent are neither substantive or compelling. Stick with the strategy and I’ll see YOU in 2012!


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The short answer is “no”, but if you get your facts from MSNBC, you might not share my opinion.

Case in point: The Tea Party Movement

If you watch Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews on a regular basis, and they provide your only source of political “news”, it stands to reason that you would consider Tea Party activists to be, at best, several cards short of a full deck. At worst, they are racists, homophobes, Nazis, and, to a person, potential domestic terrorists. They are angry white people who “cling to guns and religion” and can’t even spell their “hate speech” correctly on rally signs.

With all due respect to MSNBC and their stellar cast of  “journalists” and commentators, I believe they owe a formal apology to every individual Tea Party activist, (minus the few who have taken their anger to inappropriate levels.)

Here are the facts:

Tea Party activists are NOT:

  1. Racists
  2. Homophobes
  3. Anarchists
  4. GOP “funded”
  5. Ignorant
  6. “Fringe”/”Extreme”
  7. 100%  “Caucasian”
  8. Radical
  9. Dangerous
  10. Violent

Tea Party activists support:

  1. Limited Government
  2. Respect for the US Constitution
  3. States Rights
  4. Freedom of Speech and Assembly
  5. Legal Immigration
  6. Transparency and Accountability
  7. Political Integrity

Are they angry? Yes. Do they have a right to be? Yes. Is this still a free country? Yes. Do some individuals get out of control on occasion? Yes. But does an entire movement of patriotic Americans deserve to be demonized by academics, bureaucrats, left-wing politicians and most of  the mainstream media? NO!

Tea Party groups include every race, gender, sexual orientation and economic background. Their agenda is clear, concise and straightforward. They want current officials to understand the Constitution and read the bills at hand before voting on them. They want an end to backroom deals, special interest carve outs and empty rhetoric. They want new leaders who will not only “hear the people”, but also act accordingly. Simply put, they want liberty and good government. If that is “extreme”, I guess I’m an extremist.

I will write more on this subject in the future, but this message needs to be circulated: If you must watch MSNBC and other MSM outlets, do some fact checking before you form your opinions. The Tea Party movement is only dangerous to the careers of “out of touch” politicians (from both major parties) who would rather “talk at” than “listen to” the citizens of our great nation.

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