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After the recent Garland shooting, I shared these thoughts on my Facebook page…and I received “likes” from Democrats, Independents and Republicans who respect the Constitution and value their freedom.

“I stand with Pamela Geller!”

If you find that statement “offensive”, there are several non-violent options at your disposal. You can, for example, unfriend me, block me, ignore me or write a nasty blog post about me. It would be unacceptable (and quite illegal), however, to shoot me, behead me, stone me, mutilate me, blow me up or pour acid on my face. If your “religion” compels you to respond to an “offensive” drawing by murdering innocent people with whom you disagree, it’s not really much of a religion, is it?

Of course, our pandering President says that ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and other “extremist” groups do not represent Islam. If that is the case, Pamela Geller didn’t “incite” Muslims by holding an “Islamophobic” (sic) free speech event and art contest in response to the Paris massacre. She “incited” idiots…but, as we all know, those same idiots will always find a reason to be offended. Gay people offend them. Women offend them. Jews offend them. Even non-halal free meals provided by the US taxpayers offend them! Make no mistake…if it’s not a cartoon, it will be something else.

At what point will we as a nation stop letting these not-really-Muslim “extremists” and their “progressive” enablers extort us into abandoning our Constitutional rights? We still have free speech here. If that speech offends any “lone wolves”, “disturbed individuals”, “disgruntled workers” or “extremists”, the blame for any resulting violence should be placed squarely on the perpetrators and their warped sense of “justice.”

There is a silver lining to all this nonsense, however. Two devout terrorists won’t be killing any Americans in the future. They’re dead…and they’re dead because a good guy had a gun. Their violent assault on the 1st Amendment made a great case for the 2nd and their deaths shot a giant hole in Michael Moore’s argument that police should be “disarmed immediately.” Moreover, as progressive politicians, Leftist activists and MSNBC talking heads are calling for limitations on free speech, they are exposing themselves to the nation as morons. Conservatives already knew this but some folks who might not have been paying attention before Garland now do as well.

Pamela Geller has been exposing radical Islam for years…and I applaud her for her efforts. Unfortunately, she has been consistently demonized by lots of really “smart” people on both sides of the political aisle. I expect progressives and jihadists to do this…it’s what they do…but I’m saddened that certain “Republicans” feel compelled to distance themselves both from the truth and from the Constitution. Pamela Geller is not the problem. Cartoonists are not the problem. Free speech conferences are not the problem. Radical Islam is the problem…and “progressivism” and “political correctness” make that problem worse, not better.

The scourge of radical Islam won’t go away if people would only stop drawing pictures. Wake up America!!!


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  • Stop demonizing conservatives, libertarians and Tea Party activists.
  • Stop using the talking points and straw man arguments of the Left to “position” yourselves as “nice people”…you know, unlike those “evil, extremist, wacko bird” types who like to defend the Constitution and read bills before voting on them.
  • Stop acquiescing to liberal demands.
  • Stop supporting ill-conceived and counterproductive legislative monstrosities.
  • Stop pandering to lobbyists, special interests and unprincipled bundlers.
  • Stop funding and arming people who want to kill us.
  • Stop saying you want a “big tent” while simultaneously ignoring or mocking anyone outside the Beltway.
  • Stop saying that “we the people” don’t know how DC works. We do…and it doesn’t.
  • Stop valuing your own job security more than the interests of your constituents and the nation as a whole.
  • Stop talking “at” people and start listening “to” them.
  • Stop assuming that you won’t be primaried successfully if you fail to reject, or worse, actively promote, false liberal premises.
  • Stop fearing the Left Wing media.
  • Stop playing political games with our children’s future.
  • Stop making things easy for the DNC and OFA by letting them frame the debate.
  • Stop ignoring your oaths of office.
  • Stop listening to Karl Rove…please.

If you stop doing these things, and start (proudly and compellingly) “selling” the benefits of conservatism to “the 100%”, you can expect the following outcomes:

  1. You will get less grief when you vote “the wrong way” on a specific bill.
  2. You will see less primary opposition.
  3. You will be able to focus sooner, and more effectively, on your general election opponents.
  4. You will capture the attention of conservatives and libertarians who are now either giving up on the GOP and staying home on election day or actively promoting third Party initiatives.
  5. Your grassroots donations will increase dramatically. 
  6. Your social media efforts will become more effective.
  7. You will finally understand, over time and with increasingly measurable success, that “Dem-lite” approaches are like “prevent defenses” in football.  Unless you’re up big with very little time on the clock, they only “prevent” you from winning.

    News flash: It’s the 4th quarter and you are trailing. It’s time to score some points and win some elections…and you can’t do that by joining the other team.


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