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It’s really quite simple when you think about it.  Salespeople should be looking to work for companies that fully understand, embrace and implement social media campaigns. It’s a “no brainer”!

Competitor companies A and B have similar products, services and pricing. Both have visibility and decent historical exposure to the desired target markets. Compensation and employee benefit plans are virtually identical. All things considered, it’s really a toss up. But company A has decided to integrate social media/Web 2.0 strategies into its marketing efforts and company B has not.

If job offers came from both companies, why in the world would a salesperson choose to work for company B?

Planned and implemented properly, social media is a salesperson’s best friend. Why? It breaks down the biggest barrier to closing a deal–lack of trust. The research is mounting by the minute. A company that engages its prospects and clients is far more likely to build trust and secure testimonials. While there will always be an art to the sales profession, the task is facilitated greatly when a third party makes a referral. Social media streamlines and exponentially multiplies “word of mouth” advertising–by expert consensus, the very best kind.

Will Web 2.0 make all sales teams obsolete? Will sales departments change their names to “order taking centers”? Doubtful on both counts. But for those of us who have been out cold calling off phone book lists, this is a major improvement.

Anything that removes an objection before it occurs makes a salesperson smile. It’s one less hurdle, one less headache and one step closer to a nice commission.


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