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christie cream

Just end the charade, Governor. It’s time to switch Parties and primary Hillary in 2016.

Forget the ill-timed “bromance” photo opp with Obama. It did Romney no favors, but it was not the reason he lost. Chris Christie is bad for the Republican Party and bad for America. Why? Like every other “RINO” (Republican in Name Only), he’s more than willing to demonize his own Party by adopting and advancing the Far Left’s false premises and straw man arguments. Need an example?

During the debate over Hurricane Sandy relief, he chose to criticize his GOP House counterparts who were simply looking out for taxpayers by advocating for a “clean bill” rather than blasting the opportunistic Democrats who were trying to insert unrelated “pork”. This was not only disgraceful but completely unnecessary. Shortly thereafter, he made the bizarre proclamation that he agreed with Andrew Cuomo (Moonbat-NY) “98% of the time”. This was a clear case of a Blue State Republican pandering to Democrats, but if his assertion is even close to being true, Christie is neither a Republican nor a “moderate Dem”. Now, reports are surfacing that top Democratic donors, including billionaire troll George Soros, are filling his campaign coffers.

Follow the money, folks. Clearly, progressives like Soros see value in having “R’s” promote their agenda. Some do so unwittingly. Others? Let’s just say that the jury is still out on that one. Intentions notwithstanding, a case could be made that self-interested “enablers” like Chris Christie and John McCain are more dangerous than the socialists who want to “fundamentally transform America”. Hopefully, the RNC, Karl Rove and others who have historically supported “the most electable candidate” will take note. Not only does the “Democrat-lite” approach virtually guarantee defeat in Presidential elections (e.g. McCain, Romney), but it also makes Congressional and US Senate victories far less likely. The progressive Left is already extremely well-armed…we don’t need to provide them with more ammunition by validating their talking points.

We need a change in mind set. We must reject false premises…regardless of their source. It’s time for GOP primary voters to weed out the “RINOs” and elect people who stand for something other than their own electability or job security. The late Andrew Breitbart frequently exposed “Big Government”, “Big Education”, “Big Hollywood” and “Big Media” as the main drivers of false liberal premises. I think we can now add “Big Governors” to his list.


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eddie mush

Hi, my name is John…and, a long time ago, I was a degenerate gambler.

Why do I tell this to the world…or, more accurately, the four people who read my blog?

Simple. Every time a “progressive” talks about “investing” my tax dollars, I get flashbacks to a time I’d rather forget. Hard core gamblers live in a fantasy land. “Make no mistake”, they often have fun, and, unless they’re “Eddie Mush” from “A Bronx Tale”, they even win occasionally; but they brainwash themselves into thinking that winning could be the norm. They have “hope” that their next “run” will be a big one and they “believe” that, eventually, their bad luck will “change”. Consequently, they “chase” additional “revenue” by spending (and losing) more and more. They borrow from their checking accounts. They borrow from their friends. They borrow from their credit cards and credit lines. They take out “markers” (casino loans) at the cage. And they lie…a lot…to themselves and others…all in a desperate attempt to prolong their fantasy. Believe me, this never ends well.

Over the past several years, the President and his Party have been “doubling down on dumb” by “chasing” a utopian dream that, like gambling, has no chance of “winning the future” in the real world. Even as we approach $17 trillion in debt, their “solution” is always to “invest” more of our tax dollars in failed policies.

Why do they continue to do this?

Simply put, we let them. They never get “shut off” by the voters or the banks. They raise taxes and fees, pile on costly new regulations and tell their friends at the Fed to print more money. Fearing no electoral consequences, they refuse to pass a budget so they can raise their debt ceiling to infinity. They say things that “sound nice” to various constituencies and, consequently, they keep getting elected by their “enablers”. When degenerate gamblers hit rock bottom, (often when they completely run out of money and credit), they have to stop gambling. There is simply no other option…other than suicide. If they don’t pay their debts, there are serious outcomes. Even their “enablers”–friends, family, banks, loan sharks and casinos–stop lending eventually. Folks, we are the “enablers” of our politicians.

It’s time for an intervention.

We need to shut them off before they destroy all of us. “We The People” are the bank. The “borrowers” have shown no willingness or ability to pay us back. Let’s close down their markers permanently because they are gambling not only with our money but with our children’s and grandchildren’s money. That’s wrong, but it’s our fault for letting it happen. I was fortunate enough to wake up from my dream and turn my life around. It’s never too late to start over. Let’s admit we have a problem, then stop the bleeding and embrace some “change” that actually makes sense for once. Vote the political equivalents of “Eddie Mush” out of office in 2014 and beyond.

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Thousands of authors, poets, philosophers, life coaches, psychologists, sales trainers and more have been written about and lectured on the power of our “inner dialogue”.  I agree with all of these thinkers. We can train our minds just like we train our bodies. We have to consistently remind ourselves that we create and own the outcomes of our lives. In business, “mind set equals market share”. We need to free ourselves from the constraints of negativity and embrace a more positive, creative, and repeatable action plan that guides us toward financial and personal fulfillment.

Heard this all before? Are you bored yet?

Sometimes even great words lose meaning when we hear them too much or fail to incorporate them into our daily habits. They become noise rather than nuggets of wisdom. So, let’s have some fun today. Let me tell you about my morning to add perspective and hopefully, some value for all of my readers.

“Oh no, heeeeere we go!

I woke up and visited my daily checklist. The first task that I felt compelled to put on paper was taking my car to the shop. The “check engine” light has been on for a long time and I needed to get it looked at, both for vehicle safety and because I can’t be issued a registration sticker without passing emissions testing. I also needed some brake work.

“This might leave a mark!”

So I took the car to the shop and was surprised to find out that my key contact, who promised to give me a great deal, was on vacation and would not be back for a week. I explained my connection and “VIP status” to a barely-English speaking mechanic, and I’m not sure he got my point. Chances are good that the repair estimate will be much higher now. Bummer, but I’ll speak with the owner later.


I left the car and walked a mile back to my house, only to realize that I was locked out. My keys were still on the key ring in the ignition. Fortunately, because it’s a beautiful day here in Boston I left my windows open to get some great fresh air circulating through the house. I also had a ladder under my back porch. Solution: break into the house and revisit the checklist. Lots to accomplish today.

“Urge to kill growing!”

Not so fast. As I ascended the ladder, a neighbor, who lived a block away and didn’t recognize me, threatened to call the police and made a big, loud scene.  It took me and several other neighbors (who were drawn over by the commotion) ten minutes to convince her of my identity and homeowner status. Crisis averted.

“Double D’OH!!”

I got back on the ladder and promptly fell off, landing in a not-so-pleasant way on my head and shoulder. It was a short drop and I’m fine (thanks for wondering). I tried again and was successful. So here I am, writing about my ordeal while I wait for the mechanic to call me back with his diagnosis about the car.

“Goshdarndiddly, it sure is a wonderful day!”

Most people would say that this morning absolutely sucked.  I admit, I’m only human and the notion did cross my mind (hence the subtitles). But here’s my spin.

  • My car will soon be safe and legal.
  • I got some much needed exercise.
  • I had an opportunity to try out my high school Spanish
  • I was complimented on my pronunciations (if not the vocabulary)
  • I made a new friend in the neighborhood.
  • People are watching my house.
  • I have a very hard head protecting a still functioning brain.
  • I need to bring the ladder inside so nobody else breaks in.
  • My “ordeal” was really an opportunity to share and teach.
  • I was inspired to write this blog post.
  • People will smile and laugh when they discuss my adventure.
  • I don’t feel at all angry, miserable or unfortunate.

I encourage everyone to think of this post when adversity strikes. You do control how you react to and learn from external circumstances. You really can make lemonade out of lemons. Today, and every day, when you feel that “woe is me” is the only option, try “WOW is me!” instead. See if it makes a difference in your life and work.

Many thanks to Chris Farley (RIP), Homer Simpson, Stewie Griffin and of course, Ned Flanders, for allowing me to borrow some of their work for my subtitles.

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